Research Monitoring Unit


Research Monitoring Unit (RMU) is a part of Research Management Centre (RMC) that focuses on reporting and monitoring the progress of registered research under IRMI. This unit also oversees the application to attend conferences.

Monitoring Division
This division is in charge of monitoring registered research progress to ensure that all research achieve their KPIs requirement. Reports of the progress are compiled and sent to the sponsors based on the timeframe given. Registered grants are from various sponsors; internal fund, government, private and international corporations.
Among the job scopes for this division are:
1) Submission of Research Progress Report
2) Submission of Project Final Report
3) Application for Extension of Time
4) Application to Change Project Leader
5) Application to Add/Remove Project Member
6) Application to attend conferences

Data Collection / Streaming Division

This unit supplies key data to be reported to sponsors and sometimes requested by other units in RMC. The data are extracted from databases fed through IRMIS and IRES system carried out online. The system also captured databases from e-international system to be compiled as an output for publication.

This division is also responsible to:
1) Prepare Periodical Report for the Ministry of Education/Ministry of Science and Technology
2) Attend Research Project Presentation Session held by the Ministry
3) Check and Process Application from researcher to attend and present in conferences
4) Check and Record the number of publication for grants.


Contact Person

Assoc Prof Dr. Zulkiflee Abd Latif
Head of Research Monitoring Unit
40450 Shah Alam, Selangor
Desk: 5544 2876
Fax: 5544 2096

Nor Azliana Norli
Executive Officer (Research Monitoring Unit)
40450 Shah Alam, Selangor
Desk: 5543 8598
Fax: 5544 2096