Strengthening UiTM Journals

Research Impact & Ethics Unit is the secretariat for the ‘Strengthening of UiTM Research Journals and Books Meeting’ (Mesyuarat Pengukuhan Jurnal dan Buku Penyelidikan UiTM), chaired by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation). UIEP also responsible in strengthening the 33 UiTM journals in line with the indexing goal by SCOPUS, Web of Science (WoS) and Excellence for Research Australia (ERA).

In addition, UIEP tasked with organizing workshops, briefings and seminars for writing and publishing scientific literature to increase the quantity and quality of UiTM publications towards high-impact publications.

This Unit manages the publication of two journals under the Institute of Research Management and Innovation (IRMI), the Scientific Research Journal (SRJ) and Social and Management Research Journal (SMRJ) which published twice a year.

Visibility of UiTM Research and Researchers

Webometrics ranking of universities in Malaysia shows that UiTM online visibility should be improved. In an effort to promote awareness among individual researchers to highlight the online visibility, UIEP embarked on several initiatives which include direct links of UiTM journals to the PTAR1 main, coordinate articles upload from UiTM journals to UiTM repository through EPrint platform with assistance from PTAR, and coordinate the construction of the new website for Scientific Research Journal (SRJ) and Social and Management Research Journal (SMRJ) in collaboration with the IRMI ICT Unit. In addition, UIEP are working to improve the management system of UiTM journals through the use of Open Journal System which organized by the Malaysian Citation Centre. The ultimate goal of these improvement efforts is to get national indexing (MyJurnal) and international indexing SCOPUS, WoS and ERA.

As a measure to boost the academic visibility, UIEP is in the implementation process of PURE UiTM Experts portal. It is a research information system portal for UiTM that has a global reach.
UIEP is responsible to highlight UiTM researchers and research at both national and international level through media as medium. Each year, UiTM research will be featured in the Asia Research News magazine and their official website, ResearchSEA.    

Research Ethics in UiTM

Impact & Ethics Research Unit is also the Secretariat for the Committee of UiTM Research Ethics Meeting (Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Etika Penyelidikan UiTM) which responsible in the management and processing of any relevant ethical approval of research involving humans in UiTM.

The Meeting established since 2004 and is chaired by the Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation) and held monthly to ensure the continuity of research conducted by researchers in UiTM. This Meeting also involves external panels from outside UiTM as member for the expertise and knowledge in the relevant field to ensure research quality and ethics.